Meet Summer

She has a knack for making friendship bracelets. In fact, she can make you one in under 5 minutes. I’m trying to convince her to sign up for some sort Guinness Book of World Records event but so far she hasn’t taken me up on it.

She also has an obsession with Frozen, Tangled, and all things Disney and quotes them quite regularly. To understand her sense of humor, you must have a basic background in the film Toy Story. Seriously one of our favorite things to say to each other is:
“Look I’m Picasso!” [Potato Head].
“…I don’t get it.” [Ham].
“You uncultured swine!”
She also drinks several cups of tea a day, could win a contest for finding the most gorgeous seashells on a beach, and makes Jesus the main pursuit of her heart. If you walk into her room, you’ll find Scripture covering her walls, hear worship music playing and see her sitting cross-legged in the most darling of ways. Her heart resides with Jesus and if she could, she would move this second to a remote village to work with orphans. She and I love talking about that and hope to travel to meet, care for, and love on the little ones that Jesus says to always welcome into our arms.
I used to think oils were: a crazy placebo effect.

What I use oils for now: deep sleeping, hiccups, stomach aches, cramps, the flu and colds, studying for school, skin care, back pain…anything really!


If I could only use three oils for the rest of my life they would be: Peppermint, Frankincense and Thieves, hands down!

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