Meet Me

I’m  paleo eating, bone-broth drinking, gr27een smoothie blending, pumpkin bread baking girl who adores Jesus, and is more captivated by His heart daily, upon discovering how much He wants us to heal.

One of my love languages is Chipotle, sometimes I wish I had a horse instead of car,  and I could [maybe] win a contest when it comes to identifying movie film scores and soundtracks. My current obsession is The Hundred Foot Journey’s film score. It’s so dreamy. And makes me constantly want to cook an omelette. :)

And the last little bit: …one of my life’s passions is Young Living’s essential oils and using them to bring healing to others.

How did I end up here?

I’m a used-to-be wedding photographer who came home from college early with no promise of what was to come, or any idea of what life would look like.

A month or so into what would have been my Senior year at college, I started realizing how sick I really was. And with so much free time, I took my health not into my own hands, but placed it in God’s and decided to figure out what was wrong. I asked Him to show me. He did.

It has been an arduous [I have always wanted to use that word! And now I have! Checked off my bucket list] journey but one that I would never give up or trade in. It has filled my life with so much joy…and when I look back on many, many years of unresolved illnesses and frustrations, I now see a path for my purpose and a way to connect with people in a way that I’ve never connected before.

Now I’m nutrition school, studying essential oils, becoming certified in using them for therapy, and trying to glorify God through it all, as He leads me step by step.

I talk about the oils all the time because the Lord has radically changed my life through them, and has radically changed the way I think about medicine and caring for my body. He has shown me His majesty again and again by revealing me that He put a great deal of thought into what our bodies need.

…and just as He provides in all of life’s other circumstances, He provides in these ones as well.

One day I shall post my whole story on here…maybe someday soon.

But for now I am, and forever will be, grateful for the way the Lord wants us to heal, the healing that He has provided through essential oils, and for the integrity of a company that is committed to nothing less than perfection.

Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to message with any questions you may have, and also check out the others who are crazy oil lovers too! One by one they came around. :)

I used to think oils were: irrelevant in this day in age. Sigh. I know, it hurts to even write that.

What I use oils for now: I have yet to find something I can’t use them for! And my list would be far too long…but off the top of my head: food allergies/indigestion, congestion, the flu/colds, deep sleeping, sore muscles, bug bites, cleansing & detoxing, headaches, stress/anxiety, chemical-free lotions and body butters, and even cooking. :)

If I could only use three oils for the rest of my life they would be: Hardest question EVER! I literally have 50 oils upstairs, so having to choose three hypothetically is giving me anxiety. I need some Stress Away!

But my three would be: Peppermint [I use it for EVERYTHING, multiple times a day], Valor, and Frankincense. There I said it. Can I go back to using all 50 now? :)

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