Meet Savanah

Savanah is our red-haired Irish girl, with a ton of spirit.

Savanah Final

That was evident early on by her ability to keep five hula hoops going around her waist at one time […can you say America’s Got Talent?], taught herself how to play the piano by ear, and owns a pair of sparkly cowboy boots. And yes, she loves country music. I often wake up to Jason Aldean’s southern drawl about how country she is as she gets ready for school in the morning. I have to agree, she is very country. ;)

She has a unrelenting interest in studying the body and how it works, and may go into sports medicine. She has always been the most athletic of us all, and it has been so exciting to watch how the Lord took the talent He gave her and used it for His own purposes. He blessed her with the gift of running…and lemme tell ya, she can run.

During her four year track season, her and I had a habit of praying together before her races. As she got older, she began to lead team prayers as I watched from the bleachers. There was always a quiet moment between the Lord and I where I thanked Him for her boldness for Him. And I was always far prouder of those few moments of prayer before her race, than how she ever ran. Though she can run like the wind!

I used to think oils were: a majestic form of air freshener. Let’s be honest, I was the biggest skeptic in this house.  And if I think they work…well that’s sayin’ something!

What I use oils for now: sore throats, any type of sickness [from the flu to the common cold], emotional stability, bloody noses, respiratory problems, congestion…and I’m still learning!

If I could only use three oils for the rest of my life they would be: THIEVES [“…put it in ALL caps, Shelby!”], Joy and Frankincense. Though I’m really liking ’em all!

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