Meet Sawyer


Sawyer is our littlest treasure and basketball star. What I think of as the last piece of the puzzle to our family, because he makes it whole and adds such flavor to our lives. :)

It’s rare for him to have anything in his hands besides a basketball, he loves watching the Cosby Show much more than he would ever admit, and he is a lawn mowing machine. I’m a firm believer that he could easily take out most landscaping services in our area with his diagonal line patterns. He is wittier than I would ever think a 13 year old could be and is so incredibly creative. He loves designing things, whether it be shoes or rooms [he has such a talent and an eye for ALL kinds of’s really amazing to watch!] and has a heart that the Lord delights in.

One of my favorite moments with Sawyer, where I really saw the heart that I’ve known and loved all these years happened this past July, right before his 13th birthday.

On the way to pick him up from basketball practice, I was praying that our hearts would really connect on the ride home and we would talk about something meaningful. A few minutes later, that prayer was answered in such a deep and precious way that even when I’m old and elderly, I’ll never forget it.

When he walked over to my car and climbed in, I asked how camp was. He said that his team had won the championship. I told him I was proud of him and asked him to tell me about it.

He said, “In the last five seconds, I had the ball. I had a wide open shot. But there’s this boy on my team…he’s only scored one basket in about five games, and he was open too.

I passed the ball to him and he made it! It was amazing. I was so proud of him and our team went crazy. I ran over and high-fived him. He was so happy he ran over to his parents and his sisters on the side of the court, who had just walked in and saw him make it. They were hugging him and were so excited. Our Coach was stunned and our team ran over and cheered for him and kept high-fiving him. He was about to cry..I think he did. I almost cried too.”

As a sister, I know Sawyer’s talents, accomplishments and strengths. I know his witty sense of humor and his unquestionable God-given talent in the area of sports. He is exceptionally smart and has dozens of visible talents.

But none of those matter to me as much as the state of his heart.

I beam when I see Sawyer play with our tiny next door neighbors and watch how he makes them giggle, and adore his prayers of thanks…

…but there are no words for what I heard on the way home, as he showed love, belief and care for a boy who probably didn’t even believe in himself.

It reminds me of Jesus. How He loves, believes and cares for us.

My heart is grateful for him. Very grateful indeed.


I used to think oils were: potions.

What I use oils for now: I just love smelling them! But I also use them for my headaches, stomachaches, to help me focus in school, bruises, bug bites, the flu, cuts, and allergies.

If I could only use three oils for the rest of my life they would be: LEMON IS MY FAVORITE OIL! [this is true, I can vouch for this. Sawyer loves smell lemon oil. He always sighs dramatically and flops over when he smells it. I think it’s rather adorable. I’m seriously considering buying him a bottle of Lemon oil for Christmas. He would be incredibly pleased]. :)

My other two would be lavender and peppermint. But I love lemon the most.

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