Meet Steven

This dashing fellow is my guy!31

Absolutely the biggest honor and privilege to be with him. The Lord knew what my heart needed when He created Steven, because I have never known another soul to be as gentle as he is. He also is what I like to call a “waterfall of grace,” because no matter what side he sees of you, he always chooses to call out the good. His heart for me, and for the Lord, has swept me off my feet and into a world of adventure and joy. But most importantly, he has shown me unconditional love.

Steven’s first encounter with the oils is both hilarious and heartwarming. :)

When I got my kit last October, I was ELATED. Meaning I was transporting my diffuser with me every time I went into a new room [I would unplug it and then bring it with me…what can I say? I was dedicated]. Well, all I wanted to do was talk about the oils and learn more about them, but Steven would barely say anything! After a few days, it began to hurt my feelings and I brought it up to him. We were sitting downstairs on the sofa, and he cautiously held one up and looked at me. He was holding the oil blend, Joy. He then hesitated before he asked, “This isn’t going to replace your joy in the Lord is it?”

….bless his heart! I LOVE him for that very reason. Always looking out for me. :)

I didn’t know whether to laugh, to be offended or to start diffusing Joy so I wouldn’t take it personally. But with wide eyes, and a little giggle, I assured him that it would absolutely not take away my joy in the Lord, and that these brought me closer to Him because I finally began to rely on what God created, instead of man, and it left me in awe of Him.

Since that conversation, he has come to really, really like the oils [in fact we study them together all the time!], he has a kit, and no longer is afraid of the Joy oil. Sometimes he can even get more excited than me! And that folks, is what I like to call, wonderful progress!

I used to think oils were: Going to steal Shelby’s joy in the Lord. Haha, just kidding! Well, somewhat. I kind of did think that. But truthfully, I just didn’t think they were going to be very effective.

What I use oils for now: “…What don’t I use them for?” should be the question. Sleep, muscle pain, heart palpitations, motivation, anxiety, viruses, mosquito repellent, mental clarity, allergies, and inspiration.

If I could only use three oils for the rest of my life they would be: Goodness, this third question is so hard…Valor, Stress Away and Joy […that’s right, the Joy oil won me over!].

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